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Hi, I started having a look into speedrunning this game. When trying this, I started to wonder that I loose about 2 seconds until entering the kitchen (the first 30s of the run). I checked this further by comparing the videos frame by frame. And for some reason, Guybrush seems to be walking slower: I loose 19 frames already only while walking to the door of the scumm-bar. How can this happen? I followed the hint with the sparkles on the logo of course to get the higher walking speed.

I uploaded the comparison to Youtube (), the videos are synced to the first frame of the cliff-scene.

Thank you for any help.

Utah, USA

What emulator are you using?

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

long story short, the best emulator in terms of accuracy and fairness seems to be this one https://www.dropbox.com/s/767muz0n2if7klr/ScummVM.7z?dl=0 which is a modified scummVM made specifically to fix some inaccuracies, I hope it can help

@frozenspade: standard ScummVM 2.2.0 (sorry for forgetting that) @LeoLitz: this fixes the issue, thank you. Are there any more information about this version somewhere?

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

lol, as always I never notice forum posts here, my 6 months late reply is that that version was made by a guy in order to fix some inaccuracies but as of now we only have the executable and the guy in question is nowhere to be found

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