So you want to be an Adventure Speedrunner
4 years ago
Hesse, Germany

Speedrunning Adventure games is great fun, but it can be tough to get into it. It requires a lot of practice and time to set up a decent time, 'cause one major mistake like missing an item or having bad rng can mess up the whole run, which can be frustrating.

So how do you get started? Of course you can go the hard way and start right away with the full game, but as mentioned before you have to put time and effort into learning all the mechanics, tricks, routes and skips. We have already provided you very detailed guides you can go through, but especially for starters this can be very overwhelming. In my own experience after, getting my first run verified I really got hooked to speedrunning, 'cause I accomplished something I always thought would be impossible, and now it's one of my favourite hobbies.

So if you are interested in starting speedrunning we recommend beginning with the offical Monkey Island Demo which has its own Leaderboard. In general your run will only take less then 5 minutes so it's perfect to get a feeling for this type of videogame. You learn all the basics of the SCUMM System, and after finishing it you feel way more prepared to run the full game.

To get the Demo to run you need the following Software:

  • DosBox (it's free to download you can find it here: (
  • The offical Monkey Island Demo (you can download it from the Resources-Section)

I provided a Guide in the Guide-Section on how to setup DosBox and getting the Demo to run and, of course, how to run the Demo itself.

We hope this will start your interest to join the always-fun world of Speedrunning and see you on the Leaderboard.

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