Leaderboard Split UNDONE - Credit Early added
3 years ago
United Kingdom

Ahoy there fancypants,

As some of you know I took the decision a while back to add separate categories for the Saves and Saveless speedruns. I felt at the time it was unfair to more casual/not so serious runners who didn't want to take the time and effort to utilize save strats in their runs, as they are hard to do. Also, Save strats can save a lot of time if RNG is manipulated to the fullest and that was another reason I felt it was unfair on other people.

I however have decided that the split has been pretty pointless after all. Only 2 runners ever submitted to the saves category and that I think is the biggest indication that we needed to go back to ONE leader board. (Also frozenspade kept cajoling me to change it back, and in the end he was right)

As well as Credit Early becoming a thing and adding another variable into the mix, so from now on when you submit a run please indicate if your run was Saveless (standard gameplay) Saves (utilizing save strats) and if you got Credit Early (Opened the shopkeepers safe early in the run without knowing the code).

I have edited everyone's runs (Current and Obsolete) to reflect the changes, if anyone sees any mistakes please let me know in this thread or on discord.

I hope this decision sits well with everyone, and we can now move on.

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