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3 years ago
United Kingdom

Hi all, I thought I'd have a go at speed running the demo to dip my toes in :).

My dilemma... In the demo you can use F9 and F10 to record and play "demos" (I think that is what is happening). But you can kind of use it as a save state by recording a very short demo. Is it OK to use this to create a usable state at the start of the gameplay? This make it easier to restart a run, removing the need to change text speed each time.

You can see me using it in this video:

If it is OK to use this functionality to start a run, I'll edit the PB I recorded in that footage and submit it to the leaderboard.

Otherwise I presume it is OK to use F8 to restart the game for runs?

Also, I need to double check the fine details, but this is a description I have written of the "route" for the demo: (I can tidy it up so it can be added to the Guides section, if this is desirable)

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

that's an interesting idea, the thing is, the demo category was added because the speedy adventure community decided to do various challanges from time to time where we all run a small game or demo in secret and we see how everyone fared after a certain time, the demo of monkey island 1 was used for this purpose, so no one really put that much thought into it, apart deciding to use dosbox cause scummVM allows you to skip text and as far as we know the demo originally didn't have this functionality, I guess we could discuss it with the community, if you haven't already you should join the discord, we could talk about it under the lucasarts section (it's more likely that people will see the message there)

United Kingdom

OK, No worries. I'll try my hand at Swordmaster% instead of devoting any more time to the demo. I'll come and chat on the discord some time soon anyway.

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Cool, also the demo has different mechanics, so Idk how much it'd help in practicing for the game, while swordmaster% prepares you way more in case you then wanna do some any% runs.

United Kingdom

Yes, I noticed the different mechanics when I "broke WR" in the demo on my first completion, because I was using ScummVM (using period to skip dialog)....

I guess the need to use quick dialog choices with the mouse could be a transferable skill, but I'm looking forward to using numbers with any%/swordmaster% instead!

Utah, USA

Fun fact, we came up with the swordmaster% category to be a good starter category to get into Monkey Island 1 speedrunning. Side Note: this may have been obvious.


In the demo, ctrl-i makes the screen reposition instantly instead of scrolling. It saves a bunch of seconds when talking to the fortune teller. For some reason you need to wait until the Lucasfilm Games logo to turn it on or it won't stick.

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