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2 years ago

Hi! Sorry to post a thread on this (I don't really know if it's ok or not), but I just wanted to ask:

  • Are runs still getting verified? (i.e can I still upload a run?)
  • Can I use continues during a run or do only 1CCs count?
  • Can I pause mid-game? (even though it's something one wouldn't do much in a speedrun anyway)

Thank you for your time, have a nice day / night :D

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Texas, USA
  1. Yes, runs are still being approved for this board. I try to check every day, but if not, I will definitely get to it within a week.
  2. Only 1CC runs count for the purposes of this board. The rules state that "you must complete these conditions without using a continue." My apologies if this was not clear.
  3. Pausing is fine.
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Ah, I see, thank you very much :)

You mentioned something about rules in 2). This is going to sound so dumb, but where can I find those rules? I can only see these hyperlinks, and I couldn't found them in any of these: https://i.imgur.com/7Wri76V.png

Excuse me, I'm rather new around here, I guess 😅

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Texas, USA

Haha, no problem. You can find the rules for each category where the arrow is.


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Ahhh, I see, there it was haha. Thank you, I'd have never found it otherwise @_@ Time to speedrun now :D

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