Is Replay Time really OK?
3 years ago

First, I'm sorry I'm not good at English.

Kouryuudou has shopping parts between stages. Shopping changes time by speed choosing a card. But Replay doesn't have shopping parts. So Replay Time is shorter than Real Time.

Is Replay Time really OK? I think Replay time is not allowed, or Replay Time is another Rule.

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Thank you for your concern. I appreciate when problems are brought up like this.

I have been discussing this issue with other runners, and the solution I would have liked to use is to nullify shop time during live runs. However, the only practical way to do this is an autosplitter, and I do not know how to program one.

Due to this, I may end up going with the other solution, making separate boards for live runs and replays. I did not want to clutter the board with so many different types of runs, but if that is the most practical answer, then so be it.

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