*WIP* TG3K All Tracks TAS
2 years ago
Vermont, USA

This thread will be updated once a system is completed:

How to watch this TAS:

  1. Bizhawk 2.8 with SNES DSP4 BIOS + Planets Champ ROM

  2. Open Planets Champ in Bizhawk 2.8

  3. Download the BK2 User file/Full-[when completed] drag and drop the BK2 onto Bizhawk while Bizhawk is paused with Planet Champ running

  4. Press the Unpause function in Bizhawk

  5. Enjoy!

Any and all feedback is welcome!

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637862624817262857 ~ System 1

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637863744783989719 ~ System 2

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637864404031113167 ~ System 3

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637865189599836282 ~ System 4

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637865524185936812 ~ System 5

https://tasvideos.org/UserFiles/Info/637867094802123765 ~ System 6

Halfway through, the time difference is 4:32.79 minutes ahead.

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