Is a DVD Recorder Okay?
6 years ago
Illinois, USA

I own the NTSC cartridge and an SNES (unmodified). With a couple cable hookups I can get it plugged into a DVD recorder and put it on disc. I'm new and I haven't seen any people using it in these speedrun videos so I'm wondering if that's okay. I'd love to attempt a run at this and want to make sure of everything before attempting.

Sorry, but this is the only thread I can find about DVD recorder in this forum. I have a question about my camcord video output format may i ask. I have a vro file that cannot be recognized by my VLC player, so I use this VRO converter ( to convert the vro file to mp4. After that the VRO file can be played again, but I do not know why the output contains no audio output, no sound. Did you ever met a similar problem? VLC can play VOB very well because I have checked. It should have been similar to VOB video format, but why VRO cannot be recognized by VLC, it doesn't make any sense. Is there any method to directly play VRO file on my PC without using any other video converter?

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