No major Glitches
2 years ago

there has been an interest of making a "Any% No Major Glitches"? like making Any% but without out of bounce glitches (swimming glitch), only doing glitches in bounce, climbing certain parts of the enviroment to skip parts, and obviously do not forget the classic swap running and other glitches too.

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I don't think that would be an interesting run but that's just my opinion. Like why would you run that over Any%? You want to allow every glitch except for the few OOBs we have.


It was just an idea, now that i'm thinking i can do an Any% without oob strats :4head: but still was just an idea or question that i had related to any%

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New Game runs must use default skins from now on!

As of 30th November 2023, New Game runs for The Last of Us/The Last of Us: Remastered must use default skins and are not allowed to have activated costum skins/backpacks/etc.

We found out that costum skins potentially change the appearances of soundglitches, which also influences the loadtimes.

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