New skips/glitches
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New skips/glitches

I know the community doesn't use skips but thought I'd list the new skips found over the past 2 days.

  1. Hotel, basement and financial district fight 1 skip

  1. Financial district fight 2 skip


About skip 1, Freako uploaded a really good audio commentary about what to do. It makes the skip about 99% consistent as long as you practice it.

The only issue is testing. Freako hasn't tested it on PS4 yet but it apparently doesn't work (the fence loads in too fast even with the 30 fps lock setting).

About skip 2, it DOES work on PS4. Just make sure you back up into the wall and have your camera facing slightly up.

In total about 10 minutes saved on a speedrun as well as having no RNG for these sections. :)

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Im already practicing stuff on ps3 for a run, but cant do it till i get the component cables to stream, alos alot of the normal strats dont work on the ps3 version.


@thethrillness: Well we're coming a bit around on the glitching part. Seems like we need to have a chat again!

I tried skip 1, multiple times on different occasions on PS4 (w/ and w/o 30 fps lock), it seems to be too random to happen on PS4. Even getting into the wall kills you like 95% of the time in my experience.

Skip 2 wasn't working at first on PS4 BUT(!!!), the trick is to get the fight sequence going. Like you are showing in the video: walk backwards when they start talking! And, it works.

mattmatt10111 uploaded the district 1 skip on PS4 and yeah it seems like it's impossible. That loading of the new area was crazy fast.

I do however have one idea left which I'll try a decent amount, but do help and explore that area yourself. That new financial district 2 skip allows you to go back to the main area and then re go BACK to the district 2 area as long as you pause to let Ellie spawn so she doesn't die.

This means that all that needs to happen is find a new out of bounds glitch in the financial district area and it would work on PS4, also way faster and take out any remaining issues.

If we get like 3-4 people looking in fd for an out of bounds it shouldn't take too long.



Yeah that's what I was talking to you about. I think your credit is wrong as incognitowatts found that about a week after the game came out. He also found the pittsburgh truck despawn below.

Interested to see what you came up with.


Here it is, SKIP Working consistently on PS4.

what on earth did you do to kill your loading so bad? You should also try that without pause buffering after you jump up and just spam the camera. PS4 shouldn't reset.


30 FPS and i just booked it lol, if you dont get the full sprint it wont work. its consistent aswell, hasnt failed yet, shame that doesnt work for bills trap skip.

Have you tried the 30 fps lock with Bill's Trap to be sure?


Ill give that a go now, the camera thing.


Yeah i did straight after, no luck unfortuunatly :(

Ah well, great finding that out. I'm glad for you. :)

Pity the community won't use glitches though but oh well.

Tokyo, Japan

If incognitowatts found the tunnel despawn then all credit to him. I found people talking about it in forums after I worked it out but never one which said how to do it, but it was certainly a common enough event that I'm sure someone knew about it long before me. I've not felt comfortable claiming it as my skip for that reason, but I certainly didn't find any video saying how to do it, and showing the glitch, before I made one earlier this year.

I want to get some time to work on recreating the same thing at the resort after the horse is shot. You can despawn the enemies there too but I can't get it consistent. From reading that TheThrillness said about how the camera comes into play with hitting checkpoints then that could be it. It's something like horse get shot > enter cabin through left window > go into front room but immediately back out (maybe keeping camera facing forwards) > leave cabin through other bedroom window > run back up to horse > enemies gone.


We'll see about that hehe :P


I was freaking out when i got it lol


You need to pause buffer the camera or ellie doesnt spawn bruh :)

Hey mouthchew. Yeah sorry, don't want it to sound like I'm being insulting but just making sure people know who found what as people are quick to take credit for other peoples efforts and that really annoys me more than anything. Like when me and Magnum spent 5 months on glitching Metal Gear Solid for 6 hours a day. After we found everything, people just uploaded their own videos of what we found and claimed it as their own. Makes you feel COMPLETELY shit when people just steal like that.

But in my 11 years of speedrunning/glitch finding and people stealing shit, you just get used to it and move on I guess.

Anyway, does look like the game is heading places now though and the ball has begun rolling! :)

This reminds me of exactly Uncharted 1 when people started getting interested in running it and I showed a skip that I couldn't get to work because a door was in the way. Another runner of the game called SilenceErupts basically annihilated the game by finding out you could press L2 to clip past any object/wall/door in the game!

I doubt this game will be THAT broken but would be nice to have people look for new stuff and find something really interesting that can be used at multiple places. At least a couple more fight skips, stuff like that.

Oh while on the talk of 30 fps, matt you should retry the Left Behind skip now. Maybe 30 fps is JUST enough to make it work.

Tokyo, Japan

Hey TheThrillness.

Nah that's not insulting at all. There's a reason I made my video Jan this year and never really shared it, which was that I didn't really feel like I'd done anything someone hadn't done before, I just never found anything when searching. I found it probably mid-2014, so well after the guy you mentioned. It just happened to me when I think I forgot a firefly pendant so went back and got it and when I came back they were gone. I suspect that's what a lot of people did. Credit where credit's due for sure.

I'm glad this game is finally starting to be pulled apart this way, good work guys!

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