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1 year ago

So i've been trying to setup they hunger for speedruning. I followed the qckdth guide and it just doesnt work for me. He mentions that you should use 1.31 version of golsdrc package but i cant find any copy of it. Can someone please explain to me why the bat file is not working?

There's no need for the special .bat file anymore. If you have GoldSrc Package 2.4, all you need to do is place the "Hunger" folder in \GoldSrc Package 2.4\Half-Life WON. After you've done that, just open the regular Half-Life (WON).bat file and click "change game" above options. There should now be a game called "They Hunger : Trilogy". If you want custom binds for They Hunger, just create another userconfig.cfg in the "Hunger" folder.

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