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6 years ago

Hey there,

thx very much go to Yalter for making an update to BXT. It now has autostops for all three episodes of They Hunger exactly like the ingame timer stopping when killing the Nihilanth in hl1:

This means you don't have to stop the timer manually anymore (which was a little flawed anyway). The command to activate the autostop function is "bxt_timer_autostop 1". So if you start a run for Episode 1, the timer will automatically stop when you hit the trigger when the light goes out; the same goes for the rest of the Episodes with according end time points.

For All Episodes / Trilogy you need to deactivate autostop ("bxt_timer_autostop 0") until you are in Episode 3, where you can activate it again ("bxt_timer_autostop 1"). The reason of course is that the timer would prematurely stop at the ends of Episode 1 or Episode 2 if you didn't do so. The guide for how to setup They Hunger start and timer has been updated accordingly:

Times can now be submitted with milliseconds. Have fun everybody!

Greetings qd

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