Notice: Clarification for the All Difficulties category
2 years ago
Orlando, FL, USA

Hi everyone. Just wanted to make this thread to make sure everyone knows that we have clarified the rules for the All Difficulties category to clear any confusion that runners had.

The rules now say the following:

“ • Run starts when selecting "START" on the main menu. Run for “Easy” & “Normal” end when Simba successfully throws Scar off of Pride Rock and Scar is off screen. Timer stops completely on “Difficult” when Simba begins his throwing animation and Scar is thrown off of Pride Rock.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask here on the forum or privately. :)

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United States

Watching my run back, I may not have waited long enough to switch from the first two categories. I didn't even think about checking the reset point for each category. That's totally my bad. If the run needs to be removed from the board, I totally understand.

Since we're clarifying rules, would it be ok to add that a full reset must be done in between difficulties rather than starting from a save state? If starting the game from save states is eventually going to be allowed again for the other categories, I just want to make sure this category stays as fair as possible for both emulator and console runs.

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Orlando, FL, USA

Yes! Thank you for bringing that up. We will be sure to include that in the rules once we implement the save state rule.

And no worries, as of right this moment, there are no plans of removing the runs from the category.

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I wouldn't expect Save States to be allowed in All Difficulties unless we revised to cut times in between the actual runs themselves.

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