Save State start on Emulator
2 years ago

Any chance we can have this reinstated as allowed to start from Save state of title screen? We've basically confirmed theirs no RNG in the game and everything is manipulable/based on movement and execution. The SNES board allows it and I think we should allow it too. Opinions?

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I agree, I think by this point since we do know now that full resets don't change anything compared to using a save state, it should be allowed. Of course, console players will still need to reset, but that's just part of playing any game on console.

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The only time I can think of this being an advantage is for anyone running the all difficulties category. Huge time save over console runners when having to reset and switch difficulties.

For all other categories, I'm fine with it.

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@cajink87 That is true, we’d just have to make it an exception that the all difficulties category require resets inbetween difficulties.

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Yeah I didn't even think about all difficulties good point! @cajink87

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For me, it is less an issue of possible RNG manipulation, and more an issue of keeping emulator runs within reasonable accuracy to original hardware. On an original console and cartridge, you cannot quick start the game with a save state.

However I support these community discussions and whatever the community decides is best.

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With the outcome of how RNG is handled I'm all for it, makes runs go a bit quicker. Runners can still do soft/hard resets themselves if they want the console experience.

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Hey everyone, we’ve gotten a poll together to vote about two things:

Saves states & Milliseconds. Go ahead and put your vote in:

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Alright, we've had this poll up for a little less than a week now and it seems that everyone that wanted to vote, has voted. A quick thank you to everyone that participated and let their voices and opinions be heard here on the SRC TLK forums and on the Discord channel.

Our first case is pretty straight forward, the response graph is showing that we're sitting at 90% agreed and 10% opposed to the swap of starting from a soft / hard reset to starting from a save state that is made at the title screen.

Effective Immediately: All runs* will no longer be required to start from a full reset. You may use a save state, if you choose to do so.

Our second case is not as simple, we don't have a clear consensus at all. It is close to being 1/3 of the total votes for each option, so we may need to do a run-off vote or simply wait a little longer until we see runners become a little more optimized with the game. Personally, I believe the top times are at least closing in on becoming very optimized, but you never know.

Seeing as how 72.8% of the votes are for adding milliseconds to the leader board times, we will more than likely have to do a run-off vote for our final answer on this poll.

Thank you all very much for your patience. I know it can be annoying to wait on a poll or change to take place, so we appreciate it.

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