Archive of retired "No Exploits" category
2 years ago
Victoria, Australia

This Post is to Document the history of the once LK speedrunning category "No Exploits"

June 28th 2020 - The First Run was uploaded by insomnimatic setting WR at 17:02 June 29th 2020 - WR beaten by Stormy with 16:00 December 28th 2020 - WR beaten by Bronkel with 15:41 March 14th 2021 - WR beaten by PlayingWithDick with 15:08 September 13th 2021 - Category retired from speedrunning board and to be replaced with the community agreed upon "No Major Clips (NMC)" category with a revised ruleset.

1st PlayingWithDick 15m 08s 2nd Bronkel 15m 41s 3rd Stormy 16m 00s 4th capnredbeard 16m 24s 5th Insomnimatic 16m 41s 6th SaveTheWorld_JG 17m 37s 7th al_turds 17m 41s 8th Estacaco 35m 16s

Category Rules: All of the exploits and tricks listed below are banned from this category.

Pridelands: Health bug rock jump (Due to this not being the intended path).

Can't Wait: Super Jump. Jumping from giraffe's head that leads to last monkey puzzle.

Elephant Graveyard: Jumping through the bone wall you normally have to roll through.

Exile: Any clipping downward through the ground which includes Exile skips 1 and 2 / 2.1. Throughout the adult Simba stages, swipe jumping, specifically to gain height advantage or to skip ledges, is not permitted.

Simba's Destiny: Leopard spawner skip. Boulder skip (Due to this not being the intended path / includes swipe jumping to gain height advantage).

Be Prepared: Leopard throw skip to end of level.

Return to Pride Rock: Scar skips.

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