Speed Measurements
Speed Measurements
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Flat Surfaces

Area for Testing:

  • Brocleyshire, Beach Loading into Town > Across right town into loading screen at right side Timing Used:
  • 1st Frame Screen turns visible after loading

(Keep in mind execution will vary, so movements such as Dash Attacks, Slide Jumps, Dodging, etc will differ if done better or worse. So don’t assume this list is conclusive and 100% accurate information. Also this is a flat surface and different terrain might change movement and timing, such as hitting enemies or objects, or if there’s drops which then makes Divekick superior, etc, etc)


  • Fast Weapon = Sword of Verum
  • Slow Weapon = Sword of Deception
  • Speed Potion = Speed Potion G (30% Speed Increase for 30s)

Note: Slide Jumps (especially when using Speed Potion) are sometimes easy to mess up, so there’s a risk-reward to consider there. Also the time it takes to use a Speed Potion (going into the menu, using it, closing the menu) needs to be taken into consideration as well. But this list isn’t whether an option is better, just strictly faster.

Youtube Playlist

  • Speed Potion + Slide Jumps = 6.867s
  • Speed Potion + Slide Jumps > Divekick = 7.084s
  • Speed Potion + Shining Assault = 7.400
  • Speed Potion + Light Dash Attack (Slow Weapon) = 7.766s
  • Speed Walking = 8.283s
  • Shining Assault = 8.484s
  • Slide Jumps > Divekicks = 8.683s
  • Speed Walking > Divekicks = 8.750s
  • Slide Jumps = 9.050s
  • Speed Potion + Sliding = 9.817s
  • Speed Potion + Light Dash Attack (Fast Weapon) = 9.967s
  • Sliding = 11.750s
  • Light Dash Attack (Slow Weapon) = 12.616s
  • Light Dash Attack (Fast Weapon) = 13.367s
  • Dodge > Roll = 14.100s
  • Dodging = 15.333s
  • Dashing = 16.133s
  • Walking = 31.916s

Ledges/Slopes (Speed Extenders)

All depends on how much speed the action gives you. And I can’t really test this and compare but I will roughly rank them based on usefulness and speed. If you want more information about “Speed Extenders” check my document here:


Note: Speed Potion will make all of these even faster!

  • Shining Assault Cost 125 Rage so use sparingly, or if on NG+ just use Rage Potions and go nuts.
  • Dash Attack Best used for a Speed Extender if you are far from the ledge.
  • Dodge Best used for a Speed Extender if you’re close to the ledge.
  • Slide > Release Crouch Awkward to use many times as you need to release Crouch in order to go off the edge
  • Anything > Edge Cancels Hard to do intentionally, but if you can pull it off it surely will make you save more time.