List of glitch known MUST BE READ
4 years ago
Auvergne, France

For now there is what i have see and know :

duable on any% and ng+

  • Oob for skippin blue gate + Hmwvictory . BANNED on minor glitch

  • Slide jump speed glitch . BANNED on minor glich if you keep the speed glitch or doing it on purpose.

  • Pause buffer for "In floor" for getting speed glitch. BANNED on minor glitch

  • Slide damage boost. ( you can get this by been hit after a jump and you will get "thrown" to the end of the room you a in. ) BANNED on Minor glitch, allowed if you get it by accident.

  • Slide ledge ( for getting great speed while falling ) BANNED on minor glitch if you keep momuntum after the fall on purpose.

  • Skill dash on slope ( even if slope is very tiny you can get it ) for getting very high speed. BANNED on minor glitch but getting this accidentaly is allowed.

  • Skill dash on ledge for same thing BANNED on minor glich but getting this accidentaly is allowed.

  • Carrying more than 99 potion ( we consider that a glitch ) BANNED on minor glitch

"LOW SPEC LURE" is now considered as a cheat since you need a third party program to be able to do it. ( it make the game think you have a very low configuration and will get you a lot of loading but will make some oob duable ) .

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