How To Get The "True Ending"
How To Get The "True Ending"
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Steam Guide by "Djinn Tonic" with a bit more in-depth:

Play as you normally would until you get to campfire right before “Shroom Prime” boss in “Glizzian Territory”. It is important to not fight the boss yet, as if you kill it before getting the Acorn you can't get it anymore.

1. Go into the hidden area in the room above and fight the Mini Boss to get the Acorn. 2. Play as Normal and continue into “The Void” until you get to the gate (Prior to the “Coffinhead” Travel Point). Upon trying to enter them it will tell you where to get the 3 keys (starting the questline). 3. Get the 3 Keys (in any order you desire) and defeat the 3 bosses.

  • Seudor’s Church = Club Key [Lord of Judgement]
  • Throneroom = Heart Key [King of Flames]
  • Bluereel Village = Diamond Key [Frozen Queen]

4. Go back the gate in “The Void” and enter. 5. Explore the new area and kill the “Fallen Kumasith” (aka Mother Bear) boss. 6. That's it! Now just finish the game as normal by defeating the final boss!