Techniques and Glitches
Techniques and Glitches
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Notations I will be using Fighting Game Notations (commonly known as “Numpad Notations) for writing directions in this guide. Below is a picture detailing what this means.

j. = Jump (aka Airborne)

Speed Walking


  • Speed Walking makes you stuck in the ground so “Speed Extenders” are impossible to do since you can’t go over ledges. (Obviously you can end the glitched state and then do “Speed Extenders” if so needed)
  • It takes 1 Jump to “unstuck” you, and then another to actual Jump off the ground. (You still have 2 Jumps when you leave the ground like normal though).
  • If you do 1 Jump to “unstuck”, you won’t be able to interact with anything, nor exit the current area. So you will need to
  • Dashing during the “Speed Walking” state does not affect the speed, it’s the same as walking.

How To Enter The State

    1. Crouch
    1. Pause (this will make you stuck)
    1. Unpause
    1. Opposite direction of facing (this will make you unstuck and enter the “Speed Walking” state)

How To Exit The State

  • Crouch
  • Dodge / Air Dodge
  • Skills
  • Getting Hit

How Much Faster Is This Than Normal? Note: Take these numbers with a grain of salt. It’s just some basic testing on a long room, so the difference will vary depending on the size you measure. But at least you’ll get an approximate understanding of the speed differences!

  • You will move 4 times faster than normal walking.
  • You will move 2 times faster than normal Dashing.

Slide Jumps

You get similar speed as from Speed Walking, although this is not as “free” as you need to time your Jump (it’s not that hard though). And you will probably end up being slower overall, but it might still have its uses.

How To Perform It

  • Slide (2H/3H) > (Any direction except 1/2/3) > Jump (Aka “Slide Jumps”) > (Divekick) > … The Divekick is an amazing finisher in the air as you dive down super fast and gain a lot of distance too! This works because after the Slide animation is finished, Vivian will keep sliding across the ground for a couple of frames, due to the momentum she has. And we then can just Jump while this momentum is still present and preserve it into the air!

Speed Extenders

I won’t write every single move that can do it (as everything that moves you essentially can). But instead only add those of interesting and possible uses in an actual speedrun. Note: You can use Air Attacks to delay the momentum. Note #2: Using Air Dodge will kill your momentum.

The game preserves your momentum regardless while becoming airborne (example being Dashing into a Jump). Because of this we can use actions that either give us Horizontal or Vertical speed, then become airborne and we will soar across the screen at big speeds!

How To Perform It

    1. Do an action that gives Horizontal/Vertical speed.
    1. Become airborne shortly after.
  • (Optional) Extend the speed by jumping in the air.

Ledges/Slopes Note: You don’t actually need to Jump afterwards, but doing so lets you extend it for longer (due to getting more height from the Jump).

Note: Speed Potion will make all of these even faster!

  • Shining Assault (Skill) [Cost 125 Rage so use sparingly, or with Rage Potions you can go nuts] Note: Cannot be delayed with Air Attacks without losing momentum.
  • Mirage Storm (Skill) Only the final hit actually moves you.
  • Light Dash Attack Best used for a Speed Extender if you are far from the ledge.
  • Slide > Release Crouch Can also be used to fall very fast without Jump Cancelling. If you don’t release Crouch when doing it at a ledge, you won’t go over it and instead stop. Awkward to use many times as you need to release Crouch in order to go off the edge
  • Dodge Best used for a Speed Extender if you’re close to the ledge. Note: Cannot be delayed with Air Attacks without losing momentum.
  • Anything > Edge Cancel If you hit near the edge with momentum, whether from a previous Speed Extender or a Divekick, you can “Edge Cancel” and slide off since you have momentum and keep going for another Speed Extender! Hard to do intentionally, but if you can pull it off it surely will make you save more time.

Barely Any Momentum

  • j.Wyvern Strike > Edge Cancel
  • Fierce Strike (5LLH / 6LLH)
  • 6L, 6LL, 6LLL, 6LLLL
  • Whirling Slash (6LH)

[section=Speed Extender Float Glitch] If you do a Speed Extender and just barely get onto a ledge, you will sometimes just float above the ground in the airborne animation state. So similar to Speed Walking although it’s very precise and not that useful.

Rising Upper Dodge Cancel

  • Rising Upper (5LLH / 6LLH) > Air Dodge [Extremely Difficult] Extremely difficult (probably Frame Perfect?) and pretty useless, but if you want to style and do some cool combo it might prove useful!