Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
Updated 1 year ago by Nordanix

These are just some random notes, tips and tricks I’ve written down during my casual playthrough of the game. So I decided it might be of use so I’ve compiled and organized everything as best as I can!

Note: Some of these aren’t conclusive or 100% certain of how it works as I don’t have time to confirm them all right now. So feel free to correct me if I’m wrong or just haven’t fully explained everything in detail.


  • Save + Load respawns enemies/items: If you want to farm something you need to reload the save after saving, or the rooms won’t go back to normal afterwards.
  • Movement during screen transition: For a couple of frames you can actually start moving even as the screen is black.
  • Speed Potions increase Attack Speed: You might think it makes you move faster, but it actually makes you attack faster!
  • Speed Potions also affects Skills
  • Potions can be used at any time: It doesn’t matter if you’re attacking or getting hit, knocked down, etc, you can always use it!
  • Weapons have different attack speeds: Usually stronger weapons are slower but have more damage, meanwhile faster weapons have less damage but are faster. You can’t tell until you really use the weapons though.
  • A and B can both skip text: If you use both you can skip texts faster, but be careful as you sometimes will get an accidental B Skill if you’re not careful with knowing when the text is finished.
  • You can buy up to 999 Potions: The game actually allows you to buy more than 99!
  • Cooking Buff only counts base stats: Since the buff only takes into account your base stats (i.e no equipment) it’s not that useful to boost your ATK or DEF, so instead opt to boost your HP, Rage or Luck.


  • Dash is always bufferable: It doesn’t matter if it’s in the air, during an attack, etc, you can always input a Dash and as long as you keep holding it, then it will come out as soon as possible.
  • 1 Jump in air only: Even if you run off a ledge with both jumps unused, you still can only use one in the air.
  • Air Dodge gives a bit of extra height: If you need just an extra bit of height you can use Air Dodge.
  • Jumping from beneath a platform pushes you up: If you try to jump onto a platform from the sides, you sometimes just barely can’t make it. But if you try it from underneath it will sometimes push you up.


  • Dodge can cancel any action: This is true for the startup, during the attack as well as the recovery. It’s also the same while in the air. Anything can basically be canceled, except Dodge itself and Skills.
  • Holding Forward during attacks makes you move: This makes it easier to chase opponents if they’re just outside your range. And vice versa if you want to stay still you keep your Control Stick neutral.
  • Enemies are invulnerable after knockdowns: Because of this you want to avoid knocking down enemies most of the time. (Although it seems that some enemies might not be invulnerable when knocked down or if certain attacks only can hit them? Not sure yet…)
  • Dash Attacks only need you to be dashing: You actually don’t need to do the Forward > Forward > Light/Heavy Attack in a quick succession to do it. All you need is to attack while you’re dashing. This is actually also possible when knocked down! You can change direction mid-strings: Just turn after your attacks and you will turn around, even if you’re mid-string!
  • Dizzy and Petrified Status Effects can be mashed out: If you mash during these you will escape faster. (I think the Control Sticks helps too, although unsure of what the optimal mashing technique would be)
  • Random Fights aren’t required to kill all enemies (?): It seems that sometimes the blue barriers go down even if there are enemies still alive. (I’m unsure if you sometimes only need to kill some enemies or if a random bug or something. Maybe some rooms are different? I don’t know…)
  • Hitting multiple enemies/objects extends your attack: Have you ever felt the game feeling “laggy” when you hit a lot of stuff? Well it’s because your attack remains out, which makes it possible to hit a lot of those that otherwise wouldn’t be possible since the attack “keeps going”.
  • Successful Dodges has specific voice lines from Vivian: If you Dodge (i.e use the Invincibility Frames from a Dodge to avoid an enemy attack or hazard) Vivian will either say “こち” (Kochi) or “こちら” (Kochira).
  • Skills have Invincibility Frames: If you’re ever in a bad situation and can’t dodge an attack, use a Skill and you’ll go right through them just fine!
  • You can Dodge periodical effects: If you’re afflicted with the Lightning Status Effect that makes periodical lightning strikes come down and stun you, it’s actually possible to time a Dodge and avoid it! (Might be doable with more effects as well, but I haven’t tested it yet)
  • You can chain Light Dash Attack into another Light: For some reason if you time it right you can cancel the ending recovery of a Light Dash Attack into a normal Light attack.
  • Fights are random: There’s no forced fights, they’re all random (I think?), so if you’re lucky you can manage to avoid fights!
  • You only get knocked down in the air: If you stay on the ground and get hit, you will still stand on the ground, but if you get hit in the air you will fall. Note: There’s exceptions to the ground rule as some enemies' attacks will still knock you down (usually bigger enemies and bosses, etc).