Request: Update categories for PC Engine version
1 year ago

Hello, my name is KatoDamuko.

I am writing to request the addition of a new category for the PC Engine version (TG-16) of the Tower of Druaga, and to update the contents of the Any % category accordingly.

The new categories are as follows

  • Update: Any % -> Any% - Easy
  • Add: Any% - Normal
  • Add: Any% - Hard
  • Add: Any% - Pro Game
  • Add: All Main Treasures - Easy

The PC Engine version has four difficulty levels. Currently, Any% is practically a category for Easy difficulty only. Since these four difficulty levels are different in terms of gameplay and appeal, we believe that a record of each is necessary. We believe that each of them should have its own record. The PC Engine version has four difficulty levels, but The current Any% record is practically a category just for the Easy difficulty level. Since these four difficulty levels have different gameplay and appeal, we believe that a record for each of them is necessary. We believe that each of these four difficulty levels should have its own record.

In addition to Any%, there is also "All Main Treasures." However, I personally think that only one type of "All Main Treasure" is necessary because I think that only "Easy" difficulty level is sufficient for this category. In addition to Any%, there is also "All Main Treasures." I personally think that only one type is needed for now, as I think that this one should only be on easy difficulty.

I have already uploaded my own video recordings of the five categories I have proposed, so please refer to them.

  • Any% - Easy:
  • Any% - Normal:
  • Any% - Hard:
  • Any% - Pro Game:
  • All Main Treasures - Easy:

Thank you for your consideration.

North Carolina, USA

Wow this is AWESOME!

Congratulations on so many speedruns completed for what is my favorite version of Druaga.

I hope they actually add the categories - I had a hard time getting the All Main Treasures back when I was the only runner but ended up only getting any% despite that not being what I, the only runner, ran.

I'm seconding the categories per difficulty - the tower and rules change significantly across each difficulty and would be their own runs.

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North Carolina, USA

Well it looks like you were added as the only mod and the others turned down their modship.

If you need help modding I can totes do that too.


I requested additional moderators for the PC Engine version, so I was surprised to see that there is only one moderator. 😲

I would benefit from more moderators for the following reasons

  • I am not very good at english (I use automatic translation)
  • I am not very familiar with the AC version of the Tower of Druaga, as I mainly play the PC Engine version
  • I am also busy with work, I may miss some requests accepts requests for additional moderators here.

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I just noticed earlier that I was not a moderator, but had been added as a super moderator, so I see that I can add a moderator myself.

I was not familiar with the permissions of the super moderators. Sorry. If Mis. FlannelKat is willing, please moderator. May I ?

If you would like to be a moderator, please request it from me. I consider the following requirements for moderators

  • Those who keep track on Leaderboards
  • Have frequent access to

I can do moderator for Arcade version mainly. but I don't want moderation the my records myself because self moderation feel not wholesome community...


I was able to complete the original goal of this thread, which was to add categories. Thank you.

The two main categories are Any% and All Main Treasures, and We have added difficulty levels to the subcategories. The rules have been reorganized accordingly.

If there are any problems or requests, we will consider modifying them accordingly.

Also, with Akaginite's approval, I have added him as a moderator. Thank you and I will add him as a moderator.

I believe FlannelKat has the moderator's approval as well. However, I would like to get another response just to be sure. I would like to add it to the moderators at that time. (This is due to my lack of confidence in my English ability.)

North Carolina, USA

Hey Kato!

I would be delighted to help moderate. I feel we can do a lot for this board!



I have added FlannelKat as a moderator. Thank you.

Since we have completed all the content we wish to address in this thread I would like to lock this thread. Thank you very much.

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