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4 years ago
North Carolina, USA

Hello Friends!

I have been toying with the PC Engine version - which is WILDLY different from all the other versions of Tower of Druaga out there.

I noticed y'all don't have a leaderboard for the PCE version (despite using it's box art as the cover art for the page.)

Would you mind making a leaderboard for it?

I've routed getting every single main treasure - mainly the important treasure in each room (that has one) and have been running this. It's fun to solve the puzzle in each room as quickly as possible, especially once you start putting stats into speed.

I unfortuantely don't have a recorded run, but I did an offline run just now and came in at 26:25. I intend to do a run on stream within a week so i'll have a real thing to submit.

So, the category i'm making here is specifically: "All Main Treasures (PCE-Easy)"

It's got other runnable categories but like - i'm not doing those and don't want to crowd the leaderboard.

As well, happy to moderate the PCE stuff that comes in if you want to make me a mod of some sort. (If you can even do per category)

Thanks y'all, happy to answer any questions about this very unique version of this game. <3

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Texas, USA

That sounds cool to me. I'm totally unfamiliar with the PC Engine version, it's good to have another version of the game, like Another Tower and Nightmare Tower On PS1 Version.

North Carolina, USA


I'm happy to type up proper rules if you like those or let me know how you want this to work.

I did a run today, so I'll have something to submit ASAP.

North Carolina, USA

Heey so - any word on making a leaderboard?

Texas, USA

@GliitchWiitch Added. If there's any differences in this port that impacts gameplay in a different way than the normal version, please let me know.

North Carolina, USA


There's no points, so there should not be a 50k leaderboard.

Specifically, the leaderboard I am looking is an All Main Treasures run.

(Each floor with the exception of 3 of them has 1 treasure that's almost always required to be at the game - but not always required. But in my run I grab every single one of them.)

I can write you up some specific directions if you need as it's EXTREMELY diferent from the other versions.

North Carolina, USA

Heey - just following up. I'm happy to mod for the PC Engine side of things as well.

Texas, USA

Ok I'll see if I can contact ruse and see what he says.

As for the treasures there are some that are not needed, but makes the game a whole lot easier, there are treasures that can give you more power (Potion of Power) but hardly necessary in any way, and there are some you want to avoid, a few that even make the game literally unwinnable, so i think it's handy to make a list of recommended treasures for a speedrun. If there are any treasure changes in between this port and original, then let me know. @GliitchWiitch

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North Carolina, USA

With the exception of a few floors, most of the treasures are on different floors or are use in a slightly different way from arcade. The PCE feels more along the lines of a remake.

As for what floors you can skip getting treasure from - there's certainly a few. Although items you'd be skipping are valuable, such as armor and shields, weapons. And being able to take extra damage and hits will help with you've got to quickly beat later enemies. As well they give you stat points which you can allocate to speed which enables to move quicker.

However - I find a lot of joy in finding every treasure and have little to no interest in running a true Any%.

I suppose being the only runner just makes them one in the same at this point and it's not much of a big deal.

But still, I like running my 60 treasures category and eventually i'll route out the full 90 treasure category. But i'll need a 2nd controller for that one due to the game being silly.

Texas, USA

An all chest run is a good run, but there are negative items that can impact your run. There's the Evil Gauntlet which prevents Gil from drawing his sword and you need an item on a previous floor to get that. You DO have to at least get the Dragon Slayer (Second Sword that is green) and some upgraded armor to beat the game anyway when it comes to combat, as far as I know.

Anyways, happy routing! I'll check in with you and your routing streams to see what it is like.

Is there a 20k timer in this game? I don't see it anywhere on the screen. This port incorporates some playthrough options from The Return of Isthar, which I have no idea how to play.

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North Carolina, USA

If you're getting all the chests, the evil items will never show up in the game as you'll always be getting balances from previous chests. So as long as you aren't missing anything - you'll exlusively get beneficial items if getting all 90 treasures. (and same goes for the 55 treasures run - if you're getting the first treasure on every floor that has a chest in it, you'll be okay. - I had mispoke earlier when I mentioned 60 as there's 5 floors without one.)

There's a timer on harder difficulties - which also removes getting stat points after every level as well and everythings based off of what gear you have equipped. But the timer is 100 seconds per floor.

As well this plays very little like Return of Ishtar - that is a wildly different game from this.

Texas, USA

I'll add an all treasure category for this port and I'll watch your submitted run so I can add some rules and a guide that details differences. Then I'll verify your run.

North Carolina, USA

I'm not going to have an all treasures run for quite some time until I have some extra hardware - the 2nd treasure on floor 42 requires you to press "run" on controller 2.

Hopefully I'll have those soon enough and can do a cool thing with all 90 treasures.

Texas, USA

I can certainly understand. There are some treasures like that. In one of the two harder versions on Namco Museum Volume 3 for PS1, one treasure requires you to eject the disc... And if you do your music is screwed... You would need a Gameshark to fix that. Anyways, good luck to you on getting the hardware.

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