addressing the VERY long mod times
1 year ago

hey! now as you all know, i was modded after the old mod left. but unfortunately litterally a few days after getting mod my laptop, phone, xbox, all broke. im still unsure as of why to this day.

as for otterstone? i dont even know where he went. if he doesnt respond to this i may try and become as super mod myself so i can make this active again.

im greatly sorry for the poor service as a mod.

if you need anything from me im most active in discord Joshstar95#9972

i didnt forget all you crazy speedrunners ily all, josh :)


ps. i have verified anyones run that fits it, and if anyone decides to submit a run in the future, it should be verified fairly swiftly

London, England

lol i accidently made my run private i reposted it joshstar can u check it


Yeah will do


can i be a mod? i use mk8dx retimer for retiming and am quite interested in the community/game.

also i really want to see why the top 2 runs in old skipless exist and see if i can fix them :c

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snake you legend

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