retiming taking place
2 months ago
Västra Götaland, Sweden

Over the next days or week(many runs, might need rest) I will be retiming all runs on the board.

Reason for this is due to PRG0 and PRG1 having different loading times when board appears, which usually would not be an issue in most cases, but cause the fast version does not work on powerpak I feel this is a legit reason.

So Board might look messy for a few days, but going from top to bottom, and will update here whenever I've done a batch :)

Also posting this in case there is something I'm missing with the new timing rule:

Timer starts when cursor appears. Timer does not stop on checkmate. Timer stops on first frame the box "Black is checkmated" appearing(Grey line).

If you have any objections or suggestions feel free to add them :)

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Ohio, USA

Sounds awesome

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

Did top 20 in a batch today, so some things changed in the top 20, including that Rayquaza did not lose his WR(for people interested in WR History) until 2022 december.

There are a few videos I will do again after going through all tho, cause somewes doesn't 100% like twitch vods. The following from the first batch I will download the video and double check once all is done:

Bokonon_Lives, lackattack, Rayquaza911, ShesChardcore, MaquinaTV, NESCardinality

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Västra Götaland, Sweden

Noticed while changing the rules that another rule existed before:

"Runs must start from the title screen, NOT from the in-game menu, as each has a different delay before control."

I have nothing against this staying, but with new timing rules the reasoning does not add up, however changing it you could possibly(I haven't tested myself) let the rng timer run to get even faster times, so I think we could just change the wording of that rule.

Västra Götaland, Sweden

Seems way higher than the original timed run, only being 1.5s faster than old(should be somewhere between 2.8 and 3.1 - Sm_Izumi

Video lost, original time submitted rounded up to closest official console timing rounded up - 174 loading frames(shortest load) Lovv RottDawg

Twitch runs: hyo24 JoePulito smartalec24 buffalax Hostile Retro_Omega YoBGS bowtie1320 sharif

Also decided all times that are not under 10 seconds I'm just doing full seconds for, did frame count them to make sure they were correct second tho. Will update the rules right now and make a video for future frame counting to help mods keep a concistent framecount(saw many times the frame counting was different between runs) so we can have a good guide.

Let me know if anything seems off, and I'll try and get a closer inspection on twitch runs in the future, but happy to be done with the big overhaul that was needed :)