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Hey everyone,

As you may have seen, the 0-start category has been removed, and all of its times have been integrated into the 100 Lines category. You can click filters and choose by level now, but it's just not the same.

0-Start, in my opinion, is very unique, and should remain its own category. It was the most popular category (82 runners?) and has been a staple of the game's leaderboard for years.

- My suggestion is to leave the 100 Lines category how it is, with the filters for level selection, but to also reinstate the 0-Start as its own category. They are just too different. While I understand that starting from any level is just as different as the next, 0-Start is the "beginning" of the game. That's why it was unique. Otherwise, it's just Any% and you can use whatever strats you'd like (15, 18, 19, etc.) -

The most important thing to me about this whole change is that it seems almost nobody in the community was asked about it beforehand, it was just done. From what I can tell, it's not being agreed upon by most people, but I cannot confirm, so I am making this petition. Please voice your opinion here!

Please stay rational and on topic if possible. I want us as a community to know how we feel about this and how we should move forward. Set aside the petty differences and let's talk it out.

🙂 ❤️

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My vote is obviously a YEA to reinstate the category.


I would like 0 start category re-instated.

Choosing categories for a game like Tetris probably isn't straightforward, but after seeing the activity in the community this past year for 0-start it seemed to be a staple run for any skill level. I've often told many runners that's why it's a great game/run/category to get into - even with all the down pressing!


As someone who is trying to get even ok at tetris, 0 start is where I would start the kinda beginner category. I haven't submitted a PB yet, but 0 start is that category that everyone would start with. Seeing stuff like level 19 start could almost want to make someone thinking about a tetris speedrun just give up maybe due to the speed you have to start out. Having that nice category that everyone can do and get better at and grind out but can easily complete and find out the logic is needed in games imo. It is also just a logical start the game at the beginning like.... any % category for the game to me. Starting at a level later would be like a NG+ almost. To start at level 19 even you have to use a code which, in most games entering a code to get to a later point in the game to start a run wouldn't be a thing for a default category to me.

0 start category re-instated vote +1.


I am very passionate about making these categories separate, as there are completely different strategies for making excellent times in them. This is a definite YEA vote from me.

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100% agree with Justinman. Reinstate the 0 start, please!