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Why not add categories for B Type


No one has any real interest in running them I'm guessing.


Why not? It adds something else to the game.


Sorry, I must not have seen this originally. There aren't any plans to add a B-Type category to the main board currently. However, another option is to request a category extension board and have it run separately there. This is the first request I have heard, so I am not sure how many actual runs/runners would be interested in doing this as well as moderating it. If you have any interest in either post here, and then we can see if any interest warrants the creation of a new board.

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I would be interested in this, but not quite sure exactly how it would work. Would it just be one category ignoring height and level? If so, then it's basically just a race to 25 (21 w/ tetris start) lines, which still wouldn't be terrible. The appeal I see is that this is the fastest part of the game, so if people did decide to run it, it's easy to hop in and do a bunch of runs. You can also use the height to have an automatically generated platform for building high.

I may be too new, but I would be willing to help moderate, as well as running myself.