9-5 category?
3 years ago
Alaska, USA

I like the idea of B-type speedrunning. I guess I'd try it if it happened to be a category.

Wisconsin, USA

I think if we were to accept B-type speedrunning, it would be full categories, like 100 Lines or 100 Lines, Level 0 Start.

We would have to figure out what rules we would enforce on these types of speedruns, and to be honest, I'm not sure how we can enforce the run to eventually become anything unique that would be different than A-type speedrunning.

The issue I have with this is that B-Type only adds garbage at the beginning of the run, but once you clear it, there's nothing that makes more garbage appear, so in that instance, it essentially becomes the same as an A-type speedrun.

I can definitely see the appeal of a 9-5 category, but I'm just not sure how many people would want to play it. If you can show that at least 10 or more people would want to run this category, I'd be more inclined to confer with the other moderators to see about adding it, but seeing as hardly anyone has responded to this post in 8 months' time, I don't think there'd be enough interest in the category to add it at this point in time.

I'd be down to running 9-5 on B-Type So that would just need at least 9 others to join the cause. Though 9-5 is easy compared to doing anything between 12-5 to 19-5.

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São Paulo, Brazil

I would run that category if there was.

United States

I'd be interested in a B Type 9-5 category, too.

United States
He/Him, They/Them
2 years ago

i would TOTALLY run that. it sounds awesome xd

New Brunswick, Canada

9-5 is a b type level that i can beat, so ill run it also we need 3 more


The first problem i have with a B-Type 9-5 category is that its limited to level 9 and to height 5. and thats such an arbitrary combination. because you can choose any level between 0-19 and height 0-5. So what makes the combination of 9-5 as speecial one? why speedrun that and not 10-5 or 15-3?

the Second problem which i think is bigger is that 9-5 is extremely easy for any good tetris player, to the point where its extremely boring. And you never want to have a category where the top players choose to ignore it because they can't be bothered to play it.

If i were to support a B-Type caategory, it would have to be B-Type on Any start. just clear 25 Lines as fast as possible. this allows players to play 9-5 if they want. and also pros to play 19-5 with rolling.

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