Catagory idea
1 year ago

the idea is low%. In low percent you beat ml while using as few items as possible. If multiple people beat the game with the same amount of items, its a matter of who beats it the fastest. I got the idea from botw btw

United States

Pretty odd idea, we've had suggestions for low% that involved getting the fewest achievements possible, though this isn't exactly a category i can see people running. We usually do category additions once people actually run the category, so if people run it we might add it? but i really doubt it. It would be ridiculously difficult to verify as well, so I wouldn't expect this to be added.


For one, the optimal way to do mechanical bosses with the fewest items is to get all their summons dropped randomly instead of crafting them, which makes it very unpleasant to run.

Saxony, Germany

It would be cool to have a getfixedboi mastermode category. In this category you have to defeat the moonlord in Mastermode on the getfixedboi seed.

United States

if you see the rules on the leaderboard, it says that easter egg seeds are not allowed, and we unfortunately will not be adding a category for this seed as it is impossible to verify the legitimacy of a run as there is no way to tell what "seed" you are playing on