New Speedrun Category Idea
4 months ago

Add a new category where the player has to defeat a certain amount of bosses. For example they have to defeat any 3 bosses. Each boss has to be different.

Oregon, USA

Interesting Idea, but I expect everyone would just do the same two orders. Brain -> Eye -> Skeletron, Brain -> King Slime -> Eye.

The second one would be barely faster but the reset count for a natural King Slime spawn would be insane.

I guess it could be a fun category extension though. I would support adding it and maybe do some runs.

Oregon, USA

I mean, if "Cooked Fish%" exists, I'm sure this category can too. In fact, I'm actually really starting to like the idea.


If this is added as a category then the Thorn Chakram is great for all 3 on the first list

Oregon, USA

I did an example run of your category idea! I'm a little rusty at this game but I hope it's still good.

Oregon, USA

I posted in the category extensions forum. Hopefully it's accepted!

Washington, USA

Submerged% your character has to always be touching water, lava, honey, or shimmer. Maybe a ten second leeway when you load in