Practice Saves(PC Version,Normal difficulty)

This profile has saves at every checkpoint as well as every major combat section and sections of AI manipulation. Place the folder named"SpeedrunPractice"in Steam/steamapps/common/Splinter Cell/Save (external link)

By Nerd_SquaredNerd_Squared


Any% splits (with mission icons)

I just uploaded these so we have splits with standardized split names, as LiveSplit requires you to have the same split names as the splits you want to import (using a URL). It also makes it easy for new runners to get a clean splits file. Note: The file also includes the autosplitter settings. Credit goes to DirectorMusic for making the icons :) (direct download)

By SpikeSpike


Steam German Language Patch

Official German language files available in the retail disk, GOG, and UPlay copies of the game. Previously unavailable in the Steam version, this set of files allows runners to compete with the fastest known language, German. (external link)