Possible incorrect timing?
5 years ago
Michigan, USA

I was browsing this game for short WR's. Whenever I do a record that uses milliseconds I always time the record using a frame counting software. In this case I used Avidemux which is from what I understand the most widely accepted method for timing runs. On Teagan's run the clock at the bottom and the split clock are out of sync. At the start of the video the bottom clock starts on the correct frame at 0 and the splits start about 34 milliseconds later.

At the end frame the splits say 2:19.74 and the timer at the bottom says 2:20.10. The clock at the bottom and the splits are still not synced up and are now .36 apart.

When I have the software count the frames instead of using the timers it says the segment is 2:20.307 and not 2:20.018 like the record indicates. It would seem to me that since the timers are both wrong and seem to get further out of sync as the video progresses that frame counting is the only accurate method of verifying this time.

EDIT / UPDATE: I just timed the second place run that is timed at 2:20.18 using two different frame counting methods. Avidemux and www.watchframebyframe.com and the time was 02:19.83 using both methods.

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Ohio, USA

Try sending rantronbomb a tweet or something. I wouldn't mind putting in the leg work to do this honestly because I need practice with avidemux.

Michigan, USA

I totally missed this reply. Can you try and contact him for me. I have attempted to contact him in the past with no luck. I would like to get this sorted out so I can submit a run.

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