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Hello super metroid runners, I'm interested in grabbing a snes as well as a copy of super metroid to start running. I currently run any% zero mission (the GBA remake of super) though I'm extremely new to the game, community, and really speedrunning as a whole. My question is, is the snes version "better" or is it just a preference thing. I want a snes anyways for a couple of games but I'm noticing a trend with the virtual console. Most are available on there. Personally I feel as though I'd enjoy the snes more for nostalgia reasons as well as aesthetics if I'm being honest. I also believe most snes games run higher frame rates so in turn faster gameplay though probably not too noticeable really. Anyways just curious as to see opinions on the matter, as well as some suggestions on where I could find a copy of super metroid as they're pretty few and far between now a days. Thanks for the read and any input you may have, all the best -

Fancy Josh


you can run the game with a virtual console or an emulator if you want, the OG console is faster than the VC and VC iirc is faster than the emu, if with emu you can't use Zsnes and can't use snes9x v1.43 and lower, also zero mission is the remake of nestroid (metroid 1) not super metroid.

you don't have to be with an OG console if its just for the sake of running the game, but having the OG console will have a good advantage since the frame rate is superior and you won't have any input delay, will just need a good CRT screen and everything will be perfect. sadly i don't know where to find one though but somebody will be able to point the direction for you fo sure

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virtual console is fine but it loses around 9-12 seconds over one hour against console due to framerate

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Appreciate that info, do time comparisons matter they're separated anyway aren't they? Or do times cross platforms?


if you are asking if ther is a sub cat for emu, VC and OG console then the answer is no, all time is counted in the same place, you can even see if somebody use an emu by the little emu on platform, you can see if someone use an snes classic, or a wiiu or the like

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Ah cool I never knew that I thought different consoles were put in basically their own sub category. Seems kinda unfair. I've noticed at least for Mario 64 Japanese version is a bit quicker for 120 star but actually loses time for both 0/1 star as well as 16 star runs. I guess it does fall into the category of game knowledge so yeah, it could get messy if you started separating consoles played and versions ect. I guess I just assumed because I saw they listed that information. To the side.


They're not separated but you can filter by a certain platform to only see runs on VC for example. We also do our best to correctly mark which runs are done on which platform, however due to a lot of runs being migrated from DeerTier, which doesn't specify platform there will be errors, especially the further down the ranks you go.

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That makes sense it happens.


I'm assuming some emus are off limits due to save states/frame by frame control?


Only ZSNES and SNES9x 1.43 and lower are banned. Any recent SNES9x version is allowed (1.5something), along with any other emulators.


If you're controlling the game frame-by-frame, that's called a "Tool Assisted Speedrun". You can find the latest one for Any% No Major Glitches here:

You can use the emulators commonly used for TASes on the leaderboards, like Bizhawk and lsnes, you just need to control them in real time. Almost all emulators support save states, but you can't use them in a run.


I hijack this thread. How mutch faster is OG vs VCWii? Im in a kinda ”want to buy” a OG console for the game and so im curious 🙂


Scroll up.

Originally posted by BFrobbervirtual console is fine but it loses around 9-12 seconds over one hour against console due to framerate

The actual amount is hard to quantify because on the other hand it gains back a little by having less lag.