Practice Hack

A ROM hack designed to improve practice. The practice hack adds many features to Super Metroid, such as, but not limited to: no item fanfares, input display, info hud (time, item%, enemy hp, lag frames); menu (teleport, equipment, refill); save/load states (sd2snes/fxpak only). (external link)

By totaltotal


100% Item Collection Save State Pack (SD2SNES)

This is a save state pack made with the usb2snes interface to be used with an sd2snes cartridge. Early-Grapple route. Features save state for every single room in the 100% Item category. (direct download)

By EnmetEnmet

100% Item Collection SRAM

Contains save games and save states intended to be used for 100% Item practice, Early-Grapple route. Made with the SD2SNES in mind but could possibly be used with emulators too. Control scheme is default /w select-deselect switched and moonwalk turned off. (direct download)

By EnmetEnmet


100% 101 splits

a split for every item, early grapple route (direct download)

By sweetnumbsweetnumb