Twitch mutes Super Metroid Vods
2 years ago
California, USA

Since Twitch mutes Super Metroid vods, will this be a problem for submitting runs when using the Twitch vod as the submission?

I don't have a current vod to show because i deleted it to avoid any issues with Twitch. I also suspect that if Twitch mutes, so will YouTube.

Nova Scotia, Canada

What aspect of it was muted? There was a period of time where the title music would get muted but it wasn't due to a legit reason but because some idiot sampled it for his song, then fed it into the system. SM has been getting falsely flagged for the title music for a while now, and still was last I checked. I just try to avoid lingering on the title screen.

California, USA

As strizer said, the copyright claim is for "The Cannon of Samus", which is a song that samples from the Super Metroid title music. This sometimes causes SM videos to get flagged, but you can (and in my opinion should) dispute those claims, because your videos don't actually contain the music claimed.

That said, on Twitch I've personally only ever been flagged on my broadcast vods, I've never had a Highlight flagged. You should be submitting Highlights to the leaderboard and not broadcast vods, so hopefully that will take care of the issue anyway.

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Seattle, WA, USA

sorry to resurrect an old post, but this keeps happening to me.

Arizona, USA

I somewhat recently contacted Audible Magic, the company whose service Twitch uses to scan through VODs for copyright automatically, and they got back to me saying this 3 days ago (Aug 2nd):

Thanks for contacting Audible Magic! We received your inquiry regarding the artist Vaste Aire and their song "The Cannon of Samus". Upon review, we've concluded it does not meet Audible Magic's content registration guidelines. As such, we've removed the content and let the rights holder know not to submit similar content moving forward. To have an improperly muted portion of a Twitch VOD unmuted, there is an appeals process available. Note that the channel owner must submit the appeal. More information can be found in this help article. Thanks, Mark​Audible Magic Support

I replied confirming whether this means that gameplay VOD content will stop being claimed altogether by this song and/or how long it might take for this change to kick in (since the original reason I sent the request in was because a friend had shown their vod was marked 4 times at the same point in the vod for different versions of the same song) but I haven't heard anything back yet, I can try to remember to update this if I do hear back. The time between initially contacting them and hearing back was about 20 days, so I don't expect to hear anything soon, tbh.

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United States

This just happened to me last night. Already appealed the muting through twitch.

United States

This still happens. Mine have been muted because of some rap song that samples the Red Soil/lower Brinstar song. I don't know where they get off issuing copyright claims on music they didn't craft but it just takes a challenge to have the sound restored. I'm showing 0 copyright claims on my channel as of now, but it's happened two or three times.