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Why is this run even allowed? Can I just claim world record without a video too?


The run isn't the actual World Record TBH .... when the run was submitted, the highlight wasn't created, and zoasty is actually grindind for a better time, so he doesn't really care anymore about this run, since it's not his pb


that's why the run doesn't have, (and won't have, except a mod do the job ) a video for the submission ....


I wonder when the 41:19 would be approved. Runs get approved rather slow in Super Metroid.


Here's the 41:23 that the WR entry refers to:

Here's Zoast's second 41:23 that's slightly faster:

And here's the 41:19 that's actually the current WR:

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zoast hasn't submitted the 41:19 yet because he has chosen not to submit it. We're not slow at approving, there's nothing to approve. We can't force him to submit his runs.

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"Runs get approved rather slow in Super Metroid."

This game doesn't even require verification on here, dude. What are you talking about?

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