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So, I heard someone joke that practicing PRKD was essentially a Phantoon RTA. This caused me to think of what the best route for other hypothetical boss RTAs would be. Now Bomb Torizo and Phantoon are both just the start of PRKD (although Phantoon RTA might skip an E-tank to save 5 seconds?). For Ridley RTA, PR is faster than the start of RBO, but is KR faster than that? And what about Botwoon and Draygon? It is possible to defeat these bosses without Gravity, but is it faster to do Pb and PD respectively?

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For Botwoon RTA, check out behemoth's runs on his twitch profile (behemoth87).
My guess is that draygon RTA would be botwoons's extended.
Both without gravity, which is really slow to get.

Ridley would probably be KR and would get good items in the way: wave, hjb, speed, ammo, etc. I guess lower norfair would look like prkd any% without gravity.

This is an estimated guess, the exact combination of items would have to be looked into. I haven't seen people look into these rtas, since they are longer and require other bosses to be killed in the way.

You forgot GT rta btw 🙂. Would be like any GT or GT classic, but with extra items to kill GT, like charge and other beams.

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