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It is possible to go through super Metroid without killing a single enemy outside rooms where you are forced to do so.

I am finishing up a playthrough where in order to reduce casualties caused in rooms that lock until you slay the occupants, I skipped the gravity suit and took highjump boots instead.

If someone skilled has a guess at what route might work best for this I would like to hear ideas. I am somewhat familiar with the speedrun routes from watching your videos and reading a ton on the deanyd speedrun wiki by deer tier

I am not recording my endeavor because it is on console, too poorly executed to be worth watching, and I am upping the difficulty by only using bomb beam combos to defeat enemies when forced (including bosses) and missiles prior to acquiring power bombs (just after getting the first missiles you have to kill space pirates, and it makes bomb torizo a little bit harder if you don't use the power beam at all). This means almost all ammo used comes from Samus ship and requires a ton of backtrack.


The fact that you can't kill any enemy doesn't mean that you can't collect items, IMO. Because that would be Low% Non-Killing Enemies, and Low% is hard by itself


Maybe yoy can follow the KPDR route and not killing enemies


Yeah, it's not low percent - figuring out the items you can collect, getting your inventory as high as possible before returning to the trip,.and defeating asany bosses and mini bosses as you can at a go on one load of armaments before returning to the ship is going to play a big part in reducing the total time.

I think ultimately i will hit 8 hours on this first shot, but could probably get down to four with practice. I have determination but not a lot of finesse 🙂

I ended up doing phantoon first but that was a fluke of my attacks grateful against bosses - on my first shot I thought I could only kill Kraid with the ice shield but I figured out how to do it with spazer shield, which goes much faster. Knowing that, I would go KPDR if I did it again. Also I didn't realize that I would have to choose gravity or high jump but would need to kill in at minimum one of those rooms, since maridia requires at least one. Knowing that, I would get high jump earlier, saving a lot of time.