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What is your problem?! LOL

You're acting like you have the right to thrust your ideas onto a community in which you are not a part of. I myself don't agree with the naming, but I'm not causing a fit. Grow up.

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I think it is clear that Any% and Any% (nmg) are the accurate category names. If my understanding is correct, this naming was rejected by the community as a means of conserving the popularity of what they have denoted amongst themselves as the "major category".
You guys know that ppl outside of the community who are watching speed runs of the game for the first time, are most likely to watch an Any% run (the fastest time the game can be beaten). You didn't want ppl to look up Any% SM and watch a quick completion of the game, because it would detract them from watching runs of what you consider to be main category (Any% NMG).
This decision was to serve your own selfish needs.


I love how random idiots who clearly have never watched nor played Super Metroid think they can come in and try to have an opinion on how we should categorize the speed runs. Gtfo, seriously.

"All you're doing is causing unnecessary drama"

Might want to re-read that Cyber

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Cyber, I guess what was funny to me was I've tried to explain this to complete outsiders and it's a mouthful to even explain what a category is. I guess I assume everyone who cares about watching SM knows what's what. So in my eyes there isn't a communication problem. Maybe I'm off. Whatever.

There are no invisible (or visible) members of the SM community to be afraid of, that's insane. I'm certainly not angered if people want to change this, if that's what you're implying. I've never seen a discussion get heated from within our community.

I personally think it would be weird to have a 100% NMG when there wouldn't be another 100% run to be "100%".


Keep in mind, I've not insulted anyone or caused any heat, others have done it toward me. Pretty inclusive community amirite?

All I'm saying is fix the category names. They're outdated and serve no practical purpose. I don't really care what the contents of them are, and couldn't care less about this game as a whole, but I do care about consistency across speedrunning when it comes to things like category names. Especially in a game this big.

I'm not here to cause drama or make an uproar, I'm here to help you all look less retarded in front of the rest of the speedrunners. That's all.

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You have an overly authoritative and hostile tone about this, always.

on the first page
"Should we allow things that are factually incorrect just because a "community" of people don't understand the English language? "

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"They're outdated and serve no practical purpose." - To you maybe

They've been this way for ages and we've no issues. Why should we suddenly have an issue because one person on the internet doesn't agree with how we do it?

"I'm not here to cause drama or make an uproar, I'm here to help you all look less retarded in front of the rest of the speedrunners. That's all."

I think we've got it covered, thanks.


Tell you what, cyberdemon531. Wait, is that an accurate name? Have there actually been 530 other cyberdemons? Because to me, having numbers after your name would indicate that there is a series of things named in such a fashion. Please bear in mind, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just trying to help you look less retarded in front of the whole speedrunning community.

Get a signed and notarized affidavit from every mod of every game that they'll have accurate naming conventions across the board, and I'll change the names. Until then, no.

Edit: Dictatorship ensues. Riot.


So it appears the other thread was deleted and this was reopened. Fair enough. Here was my deleted message in the other thread.

Hello all, I believe we got off on the wrong foot here. The previous thread was locked unnecessarily without a resolution, so I will try again.

As you can see here, Any% is a term which directly implies that you are allowed to beat the game without any restrictions:

Now, the category labeled "Any%" on this website actually has restrictions, thus making the category label incorrect. I understand that "it's always been this way", but that's not an argument. For that argument to hold water, then the times can never be improved, as any improvement is a modification to the run, and not old anymore.

Yes, yes, I realize I do not run this game. I don't care about the game. I do, however, care about the English language and consistency within it. Running Super Metroid is completely irrelevant to you all deciding to mislabel a category. As people mentioned in the previous thread, other games completely unrelated to this have similar issues. I'll get to those later. For now, let's fix this.

You all have absolutely no reason to keep things "the way they are". As I've explained, it's not tradition, it's just incorrect. I also appreciate how I was called an authoritarian, right before my thread was locked by a moderator. Ironic.

I'm completely civil here. If you want to hurl insults at me for providing a real fix to a real issue, then feel free to showcase your obvious lack of maturity and respect, but I'd appreciate if we could keep this discussion between rational adults.

Thank you for your time.

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Foosda, you should be better than this.

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"I'm completely civil here. "

Lets see:
"just because a "community" of people don't understand the English language"
" It's not hard, and it will make people take you more seriously."
"So, as far as I can see it's agreed that the rules are stupid and it's based on "tradition"
"I don't really care what the contents of them are, and couldn't care less about this game as a whole"
" I'm here to help you all look less retarded in front of the rest of the speedrunners"

So you've said we're a community of people who don't understand English, aren't taken seriously, look retarded in front of the rest of the speed running community, that you don't care about the game, and that our rules are stupid.

Get. Out. You are not welcome here.

And then you go off and make another thread after this one was locked without a resolution to your liking. You're a toxic person, and I hope this thread gets relocked.

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Locked, because a person who actually runs the game, and thus, I care about, wants it so. Dictatorship still in session, I will delete any more threads regarding this, unless again, its someone who runs the game.

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