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Why has my record been rejected?


Very suspicious gameplay.

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Kardekc do Brazil in play time 45


Deivin in game time 48


I'm sorry, but those wall jumps at the full halfie are so inhuman that not even zoast or behemoth can do them. I'm pretty sure that the run is fake.


Deivin and the second best Brazilian in play time 48


the best player of brazil by name Kardeck has in the time of play 45 in 100%


This is pure envy of Brazilian players.

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administrators are very slow


If this guy was the second best Brazilian player I wonder what the best one is capable of! Escaping Torizo fight maybe...

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There’s a million problems with the run, but the most obvious are:
1) Playing a movie and then trying to make noises and buttons line up with the game play. Spoiler: they don’t.
2) A very obvious and bad splice during the Draygon fight. The audio drop is so clear it’s laughable.

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I may not be the best runner, but I am not a cheater. And I know a cheated run when I see one.

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"is this happens because were braziliam?"

Please stop bringing up nationality when you do stuff like this. The only people who give a frig about it are actual Brazilians, because you and your friends are giving the entire community a bad rep when you do things like this. A community, by the way, which you are not even allowed to take part in.

Sorry for barging into here, just felt the need to make a clear distinction between the BR community and some other people who cause havoc while waving a flag.

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You can tell this is faked in the first 3 seconds. You can see the media player UI at the beginning of the video. Thanks for trying and we are anxiously awaiting the next submission

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kardeck in game time 45 100%


Ok, Todd Rogers, if you say so.

also I am half-chilean, half-cuban, so don't call me a gringo 😛


Don't wanna butt in, but this pisses me off. This is why people look down on us brazilians, not only in the speedrunning community but the internet as a whole. Instead of having an actual discussion using logic and arguments you quickly resort to insulting people and telling them to shut up. No this is not "pure envy" and I agree with Kehanort. Brazilians themselves are the only ones making a ruckus about it. No one cares about where you're from, rules are rules. I haven't watched his run, but I'm sure that the mods rejected it for a very good reason.

It's stuff like this that makes me feel awful for being brazilian, and I apologize on behalf of our community for individuals like these who give us a terrible reputation.

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Locked because unproductive and toxic. The reasons for rejection are clear, and if Google Translate doesn't tell you enough, feel free to take it to PMs with any one of the mods.

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