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So yesterday I submitted 2 runs without a video, 1 which was 2nd place on Any% and 1 which was world record on Any Glitchess%. And I did not actually get those I just submitted them, but.... You accepted Zoast's "world record," without and proof. Is a 41:21 really possible? I don't really think so, he has no evidence to back up his claim and you just accept it? I know he has other okay - good runs but that doesn't mean he actually did it, and also all of his other runs has a video so why would that "run," not have an video? I advice you to make runs have a video.... It's really dumb...


it was possible, he has a 41:19 currently, not sure why he didn't submit the time or his previous 41:23 with a video, but here is the current wr it is possible, just not sure why zoast didnt give video for his last run or even submit this one

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Several hundred people watched Zoast complete the current submitted world record including myself. If one of the moderators also viewed this the run could have been verified without the video being submitted. But yes that time is very much possible


zoast forgot to include a video with one of his 41:23s, and hasn't gotten around to uploading the new World Record of 41:19, maybe because he thought he was getting the 27 igt soon after (he didn't).


He likes to submit with youtube videos, but the whole nintendo mass claiming youtube videos kinda discourages him from uploading there.


Yeez, people still being salty about this


Because it's fucking stupid. Just have any of the 7 moderators upload it. Every other mildly popular game keeps their record pages up to date, but a major game like Super Metroid waits 6 months to actually upload WR runs.

You will keep getting people talking about it until you fix it. No one likes seeing a record without a video and 99% of viewers won't bother checking the forums and will assume it's OK to submit runs without proof.

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if you don't like how we do things, don't come to this board. thanks 🙂


I now feel dumber after reading some of these comments.. Also I now know this forum is a thing

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@andreww Sure I'll leave. On the other hand, if you people don't like users wanting coherent leaderboards gtfo this website or fix your shitty leaderboard.


andrew has already said that while he would like every single speedrun on the leaderboards, he also wants to respect the wishes of people who don't want to be on the leaderboard, which is why a highly skilled speedrunner isn't on the leaderboards. until zoast submits his 41:19 to a leaderboard (deertier or here), he isn't going to put it up for him

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I think having a world record without a video on a site where it's possible to do so is a really bad idea.

You're preventing people who didn't watch him live from seeing what he did to get that world record, the strats he used and how they can improve to get somehow closer to that run.

Also mods are answering to reasonable concerns in an agressive manner.

The youtube excuse doesn't make sense since you can also upload videos to twitch, and there are no claims there.

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I do not care one whit what any random shitter on here thinks I should or should not do. See any of the other locked threads for confirmation.

If I come across as a aggressive, I apologize, I was going more for abject apathy of any of the 20 of these questions about these lbs I've gotten from random shitters.

Thread is locked, if you want to be a keyboard warrior, take it elsewhere. I'm sure there are plenty of other worthy causes.

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