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Hello again, all. I'm looking to get started speedrunning this game. Which version would you recommend getting? Is emulator acceptable or should I look into getting the VC version or SNES version? Thanks!

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Emulator is allowed as long as you use snes9x versions later than 1.43 (for stability and lag emulation). higan is a recommended emulator as well because it is more accurate than snes9x. ZSnes is banned.

If you need a reminder you can always check the rules on any of the categories.

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Wiki that has a ton of info on glitches and tricks and pretty much everything -

Discord if you have any questions pretty much anyone will help -

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Hi, I have some problems with controlling Samus correctly, and I always lose speed once I gain it.
My question is: Is that a skill problem or there is a way to control Samus to keep speed?
I already done a Ceres Escape run which finished a 42s, and was really terrible due to bad movement optimization, so I really need help, because I want to run either Any% or 100% categories.
Thanks in advance.


For example, if I run a long way (no speed booster) and jumped, Samus can jump too high than usual, then if she faced a wall or accidentally touched a ledge or corner, she keep jumping higher but the horizontal speed drops down to 0.
Another exmple is similar to the above one but instead of facing something, Samus takes damage which also drops the speed down to 0 also stops jumping if she is in mid air.


Yeah, that in most video games, but SM is a particular game where Samus move slower while jumping, and can cost a bunch of time while doing an actual run, so I need help on avoiding this lose of speed. Is there any techniques to optimize movement or practice makes perfect here?


Not really, just keep on practicing and you'll get better at controlling your jump height. The problem you're having with taking damage will also come naturally as you not only get better at predicting enemy AI, but also be able to plan your damage boosts better.
Make sure you're not playing with either wireless controllers or huge flat-screens as those will typically cause lag, making it harder for you to control Samus.

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This will be helpful. Thank you Spiriax for all the info. I'll practice and try to get a good run.