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Runners of all skill levels are encouraged to participate in this tournament. Signups will close at midnight Eastern on Saturday 14th July, with the tournament officially starting on 16th July. Entrants will have 5 weeks to defeat all 4 of their opponents in their respective groups, with the top 2 participants from each group progressing to a single elimination round. Groups will be ranked by number of wins, tie breakers will be solved by their MEDIAN race time, meaning their best and worst time will be disregarded, and an average of their 2 remaining times will be used for their overall time. In order to make the group stage less predictable PARTICIPANTS WILL BE FULLY RANDOMIZED INTO GROUPS!!! This means that it will be entirely luck-based who will be in the same group as you. By signing up to this tournament you understand and agree to this.

More information and signups can be found at:

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