Extension-Board Discord

A discord server specificly for the purposes of extension board organisation and questions about categories, routes and submissions. (external link)

By Moderators


Enables simultaneous coop play with multiple people across internet. Any combination of snes and emulator is possible. (external link)

By OsteHovelOsteHovel

Practice Hack

A series of ROM hacks designed to improve practice. The practice hacks add many features to Super Metroid, such as, but not limited to: no item fanfares, input display, info hud (time, item%, enemy hp, lag frames); menu (teleport, equipment, refill); save/load states (sd2snes only). (external link)

By Tewtal

Super Metroid SRL Discord

The general Super Metroid Discord. Community hotspot and place to exchange with all speedrunners about the game. (external link)

By Moderators




All Miniboss RTA

Possible splits for All Miniboss RTA with the current WR route. (direct download)

By PonkPonk


Possible splits for RBMBO with the current WR route. These splits have an average length of 15 minuts, so eventually you might want to add more. (direct download)

By PonkPonk