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No Boss No Mini Boss

What is the maximum number of acquisitions possible?

Out of bounds allowd.

I'm sorry I'm not good at English.

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I believe the number stands at 81%. It's a very old challenge, with quite a few people doing documentation on it, but most don't address the full potential of the glitches so it may be hard to find information on specific items.

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Oh!81%! Is that document somewhere?


Difficult item list

・Ridley Ridley Tank Room(Energy tank)

・Kraid Warehouse Energy Tank Room(Energy tank) Varia Suit Room(Varia suit)

・Wrecked Ship Wrecked Ship East Super Room(Super missile) Wrecked Ship West Super Room(Super missile) Wrecked Ship Assembly Line(Missile) Wrecked Ship Bowling Alley(Rserve,Missile) Wrecked Ship Energy Tank Room(Energy tank) Gravity Suit Room(Gravity Suit)

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SUPERMETROIDFTP has a playlist of a segmented 87% run here:

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Everything except for the following items are "easy":

7 Wrecked Ship items (Wrecked Ship does not turn on without killing Phantoon, and thus these items do not spawn even if you are in the room); 4 post Crocomire items; Crocomire Energy Tank; Space Jump; Plasma Beam; Kraid Energy Tank; Varia Suit; Ridley Energy Tank; GT Missiles; GT Supers.

This is the 81% number. This is entirely NMG (although Bomb Torizo is killed, in NTSC).

There is an NMG method to get Plasma (it's just stupid); GT Missiles and GT Supers can be gotten if you end in this room (and Superjump for GT missiles); and Crocomire Energy Tank can be gotten if you can "damage" Crocomire, then collect the Energy Tank, and then escape the room (with a Crystal Flash) without "killing" Crocomire. This brings the NMG total to 85%, although may be dependent on your definition of NBMB.

But you said OoB is allowed, so we are talking Major Glitches. We will assume a "source requirement", and that boss flags cannot be set to be defeated (this counts as killing them).

Then Bomb Torizo can be saved, even in NTSC. This gives a much easier way to get Plasma. We can also get Space Jump (if we are allowed to enter Draygon's room, for the easy method). We can enter and escape from GT's room (even without Space Jump, and without the Superjump). There is theoretically a way to get Crocomire Energy Tank without even "harming" Crocomire (although I couldn't get a simple method to work). Plus, the post Crocomire items can be gotten (and Grapple is used in the easy Space Jump method).

This brings the total to 90%, before even looking to more complicated OoB methods.

I found an OoB method to Kraid Energy Tank, so that's 91%. Thus, 91% is the maximum that I have confirmed. This is if you are allowed to enter boss rooms

I've been told there is a wrongwarp to Varia Suit, but haven't found documentation. This would be 92%. You may then have to exit into Kraid's room. I think you can use Kraid's spikes to push you out of the room somehow? So maybe you can still escape.

I'm sure a wrongwarp to Ridley Energy Tank is possible (there are some viable options in the wrongwarp maps; I'm bad at looking for these things). You can escape Ridley's room with a Crystal Flash, so escape would be possible if this can be found (although the Crystal Flash damages Ridley, so maybe that would be frowned upon). This would be 93%.

To increase past 93% would then require figuring out Wrecked Ship items. I think I once saw a clip of getting the Attic Missiles. But this was awhile ago, and it confuses me: Those items simply don't spawn in the first room state, and loading the second room state should require having Phantoon killed. But I could easily be mistaken, I am bad at major glitches.

So answers are:

  • NMG, cannot enter boss rooms: 82%;

  • NMG, can enter boss rooms and can end wherever: 85%;

  • MG confirmed (can enter boss rooms, all I want to speak to since I haven't looked for wrongwarps past Crocomire): 91%;

  • MG, theoretical maximum by my (admittedly limited) understanding: 93%.

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Thanks for the great information!

Items of particular interest -OoB method to Kraid Energy Tank. -Wrongwarp to Ridley Energy Tank. this document viewed or shared?

When I looked at this, I found a nice and simple method for Kraid ETank. But then I tried a run, and it turns out the OoB was messed up. I quick looked for a fix, but this was all I found that used the OoB that would be loaded in an actual run (with my route):

You should just find a better OoB method. This one is kind of bad, and I only looked very briefly (I was too annoyed to continue 91%, especially given that it could potentially be beaten with wrongwarps). But it does work as proof that 91% is possible.

For Ridley ETank, I don't know of the wrongwarp. But the wrongwarp maps suggest it should be possible:

Specifically, it looks like the post-GT refill room has a wrongwarp to Ridley ETank. The issue with this map is these are theoretical wrongwarps: The actual wrongwarp tile may not be accessible, or may have to be created with weird OoB initialization or X-Ray shenanigans that I don't understand at all. Hence why I haven't found it myself.

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Thank you bobbob! I got a Kraid Energy Tank.

The recovery rate I can do has reached 90%. The bomb torizo was skipped on a low glitch route. This is the first route to get a power bomb.

You said you saved the bomb torizo with NTSC, is it OoB? Is it skipped?

【This gives a much easier way to get Plasma.】↑How easy is it?

I referred to this video.

For BT, you doorskip for power bombs. Then come back with speed booster, get bombs, and shinespark out of the door before it closes.

For Plasma, literally any OoB method is easier than the NMG method which was my only claim. NMG method requires like 20 frame perfect inputs in a row such that any mistake is an immediate softlock.

I had a nice and clean method, but it broke similarly to my Kraid ETank one. Except that I didn't find a fix at all (I never really looked). I would need to look at other OoB initializations, to see if I can clean up the garbage.

But there are a couple methods floating out there that you can try. I think all the methods I've seen are very long, like your linked 15 minute video.

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Ridley E-tank collected. This method cannot be used without allowing major glitches.

I discovered the phenomenon that the door opens when caught by Riddle during the time space beam. Freezes with high probability.

Play on NTSC.

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