dashless any% beginner route

By FrenchLightningJohnFrenchLightningJohn. Last updated

in this video i show what i consider the beginner route which is doing KPDR as the boss order with crocomire to get grapple beam, in this category whatever the route you chose, sporespawn is force to do to get the first super pack since you can't dash to get early super and the super in etecoon is barred by a green door, the reason i make runners go take grapple is to have an easier time to cross moat, west ocean an taking x-ray for G-mode, you will also have to got ake norfair reserve, i did some mistake in this as i am used to do another route.

i didn't go into too much detail since i expect runners who will try it to be experienced with the game as its not an easy category and demand good game knowledge and skill, in the video description there is also a link to shinyzeni moondance tutorial if you need one, i didn't talk a lot about G-mode since i have done a tutorial about it which should also be in the leaderboard guide.

i think i have done an ok job explaining the route, but i'm not great with tutorial so if you got any question feel free to ask anybody in the extended discord leaderboard or me, feel free to ping me if you got question about the category.