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I don't know if I ran into a bug or what. I tried to replicate it but I was unable to. I had just hardware reset the emulator. I have VirtualNES 0.9.7. I was using an Xbox controller, but I don't know if that matters.


Judging from your health/energy, it looks like you already beat Kazakh and saw the next cutscene as well, so I'm guessing you died in Australia but forgot to reset.

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Yeah, I was about to say, I accidentally did this too. Do you have a link to the full runs so we can see the actual reset? This is what happens when you die and forget to reset and think you did. 😛


Alright, that sounds about right. I remember losing the run in Australia. So yeah, that sounds about right. Don't have the full run, didn't save the stream, but that solves my problem. Thx.


Always remember to reset people, speedrunning 101 Kappa