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I'd been kicking this idea around for a while, but this week I finally sat down to do it: Strider 100%.

That means:

  • All boots
  • All keys
  • All disks
  • Slide In and Plasma Arrow
  • All the tricks
  • Beat the game
  • Otherwise, no limits. Zip, death abuse, etc. all allowed.

I was interested in this because I was looking for something longer than any%, but without the restrictions of the Zipless and TG categories. I thought it would be an interesting routing exercise, and that it would be different enough from the existing categories to stand on its own.

Here is my latest PB:

Here is what I've learned from the exercise so far:

  1. Not all sequence breaks leave you in a state where you can still collect 100%. Ex: If you collect Disc 2 and kill the Zain in Kazakh in one trip, when you go to Egypt the Key 2 script trigger doesn't happen.
  2. However, some sequence breaks are ok. My run above finishes China in a single visit, and afterwards I finish Kazakh in a single visit (in TG that would have been two visits for each).
  3. You can skip the outdoors part of Africa since it is faster to go through Australia. As such, you visit Australia twice.
  4. The glitched Yggdrasil kill is a little different. Namely, the top of Yggdrasil doesn't work quite the same way as in the any% route. I'm still working through that, but my muscle memory from any% results in me getting stuck on the top until I jump.

In terms of flavor, nearly every level has a zip in it now, or death abuse, or both.

If this seems worth creating a category on this leaderboard, then I'd be willing to draft of the rules and help verify runs for it. If not, well, I've had fun exploring more Strider!

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Paraná, Brazil

+1 for a category :D


+1 for a category :D

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Thread necromancy! DBstyle

I did more runs after my posting. Here is my current 100% PB for the curious:


+1 for catagory, i'll prolly try this out when i get some time

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Paraná, Brazil

My best run so far: Lots of improvement possible, so gonna keep improving

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Still working on it:

sub-20 now:

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Oh yeah, and 100% was at GDQ a year ago.

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+1 Would love to see a leaderboard for this. I'll try to get a run in after beating my pb in any%

United States

Didn't beat pb in any% yet but figured I'd learn the route anyway. Overall an interesting one, might explore more routing possibilities after I shave some time off.

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