Question on zips
5 months ago
Vermont, USA

Hey all,

I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but the only discord link I can find is dead, so figured I'd ask here.

with AGDQ just happening I was reminded of the video from a few years back of them showing how to speedrun the basics of any%, so I figured id pick it up for a game to mess around with in my down time. I haven't put too much time in to it yet, but I've finished a few times with embarrassingly high times and am loving the run. The question I have that I'm not really seeing any info on is what to do with zips that happen a little earlier than the 3 steps back that you see in all the tutorial videos. I'll regularly get zips on the second step back against the wall, be paused in mid air, and then lose the zip because pressing either down+right or left both pop me out of the wall again.

Is this something that just happens because of bad timing with my left then pause, or is it something that I can regularly save in to an actual zip? Here is an example below. If anyone has an updated discord link that would be amazing too!

Thanks! glad to have a fun short game to run!


i like to refer to it as the dirty pixel, not sure about the actual details but I suspect it's both timing and spacing.


Hey, Carwynn!

Good to hear you’re enjoying the run. Looks like you’re be a bit late on the pause press. When the timing’s right, you’ll be facing away from the wall after pausing.

Btw, welcome:)

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