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Hello, A few days ago I wrote a post on the freegamedev forum. I didn't get any answer yet and it's maybe too early to have an answer. But I thought that if I waited more I might not get an answer and that by going through this forum and you I thought that I would have more chances to get an answer. I wanted to talk to you about Alayan who we haven't heard from for almost a year now. Maybe he is taking a break as he did in the past or maybe he stopped the development of STK? And what happened to the works in progress which are like stopped for 3 4 years now. I wanted to know if you had any news from Alayan (or maybe Alayan will answer me by himself) and if you had any information about the future of STK (tracks under construction mostly)? For more information and I really advise you to go and see, I made a similar post on the freegamedev forum. I have wrote this message with a translator because with my English skills I can't write good this message. Have a good day!


Alayan has indeed an history of disappearing for months then suddenly reappear, though this time, after a full year of not logging in here, not sure if he will ever come back... Nobody has any news from him. You can try to send him a message here or on GitHub, who knows...

Afaik Benau is the only remaining Stk Core Developer right now, so expect the development to be slow... And we are not a company with billions to spend, programmers and artists also have lives and there might be long cool down periods where not much happens. Who knows, maybe the situation in a year will be completely different.

Stk is a community project where everyone can contribute, so if you want to speed up a bit the development, you can yourself help if you have some programming or artistic skills and make concrete contributions. But there is no use in pointing out the fact that things are currently slow and posting on several forums to get answers that don't exist or that you already know.

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Yes, excuse me, I'm a little too demanding and I went too far. I would like to contribute to STK by blender but unfortunately there is no tutorial in French to learn how to manipulate it and make tracks. Would you have a tutorial to advise me ? In terms of code I don't know anything so I can't help in this area.


You can probably speak to Wax, il utilise Blender et parle français tout comme moi :p

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Limousin, France

Yes, j'allais le proposer. @Polo10, vous pouvez m'envoyer un message et on s'arrangera

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Hi Wax, Merci beaucoup. Pour l'instant je ne peut pas t'envoyer de message personnel car il faut que mon compte est plus de 7 jours or il n'en a que 2. Et au fait tu peux me tutoyer comme cela se passe lorsque nous jouons sur quelconque serveur avec quelconques joueurs. Have a good day !

Re Wax, Non je ne peux pas répondre à ton message toujours pour la même raison.

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