Speedrun of battle Mod.
5 months ago

Hello everyone!!!

I want to open a new category in STK speedrun.

It's about battle.

I want open this new category because it involves skills and risks talking. And I want so reward that.

But there are some problems :

  1. The present box

The present box is sometimes more or less lucky. Sometimes you can have more cakes and so it's more easy to touch other bots.

2.The way of bots

This problem are minor . Indeed I think the bots are a defined way and so it's not equal for all.

But generally the bots have almost the same way and the same behaviour.

So the solution can be to give the same things for all.

It's an idea and I think it can be good to show the skills of pro fighters.

What do you think?

Feedbacks are wanted.

Have a nice day!!!

To be honest, I don't think battle is a suitable mode for speedrunning, even less than soccer (which im not a big fan of) It would be purely hoping to meet some bots and get items. You could contact fabian for introducing not really useful speedrun modes as he also introduced soccer...

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I agree with trolli. A 'battle speedrun' makes no sense to me.

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